The iconic and impractical of New York Fashion Week


By Yasmina Burris-Khan, Jenna Kriensky, Katy Krintzman & Athena Vu

Marc Jacobs’ 1993 collection for Perry Ellis altered the course of fashion history forever. The Perry Ellis show during New York Fashion Week (NYFW) had a star-studded lineup including Kate Moss, Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell and Shalom Harlow, but what stood out to the fashion community was the radical clothing each model sported.

Grunge style rose to popularity in the early 90s alongside the fame of rock bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam. But no matter how big of a commercial success grunge was, it was never accepted by the industry at large, especially compared to the glitz and glam of the time. Jacobs’ collection was so controversially grungy that it got him fired. 

Evidently, it didn’t hold him back for long, considering his current popularity. Jacobs continued to dress his models in beanies, layered flannels, cargo pants and slip dresses, inspired by styles from the Californian 90s rock scene. The models donned Doc Martens and Converse on the runway, a challenge to the accepted image of luxury. 

Jacobs’ brought grunge back into the fashion world, and this year’s homage to his controversial earlier collection is a testament to the everlasting cycle of fashion trends.

During this year’s NYFW, the Hadid sisters served once again while walking  Tom Ford’s spring collection. Gigi and Bella Hadid showed up in sparkly, long dresses.  They’re certainly in their disco era. 

Gigi sashayed down the catwalk in a bedazzled green and silver gown, while Bella strutted in a similar rose gold gown. Their gowns featured the same thigh-high slit but with slightly different cuts for the top. This year’s NYFW is one of Bella Hadid’s first reappearances on the runway since she shared on Instagram in August that she has been privately struggling with Lyme disease for almost 15 years. An inspiration to onlookers, Bella showed her strength with her long-awaited return to modeling. Together, the sisters worked the runway beautifully once again.

The most delightful surprise of mine at this year’s NYFW was Sia’s splashy appearance during Christian Siriano’s show. She performed some of her greatest hits, including “Chandelier,” to commemorate Siriano’s 15 years in the industry. Siriano custom-made her dress, which he has with most of her runway looks. Sia’s pink fluffy jellyfish-like dress was a fun addition to the show.

This dress did not disappoint. It both mirrored Sia’s typical style of huge ribbons and over-the-top skirts, as well as wigs covering her face. This look was in keeping with other trends at this year’s show, such as the pastel colors, ruffles, tulle and ombre patterns. Personally, while I’m not a fan of ruffles, I surprisingly liked Sia’s look: Her pastel palette was a personal favorite of mine, and her matching dress and bow were an especially fun combination. 

Although ribbons are always part of Sia’s aesthetic, they were particularly popular this year. Ribbons were predominantly featured in many designers’ pieces across this year’s NYFW, earning this trend the name “Ribbonisance.” The pink and purple ombre tulle and the flowing skirt of Sia’s dress were fun and flouncy. Together, they made flamboyant additions to the show.

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