The character of your costume


By Leah Greiner & Ava Tartikoff

Whether you’ve been planning since Nov. 1 of last year or you prefer to throw your costume together at 2 a.m. the night before, your choice of Halloween costume says a lot about you. To help you navigate this year’s slew of spooky styles, we’ve compiled a list of costumes you’re bound to see, and what it says about the person wearing them. 

Barbie will undoubtedly be the most popular costume among girls of all ages, an automatic giveaway that you’re consistently on top of trends. The scariest thing you’ll do this Halloween is scream “Hey Barbie!” at the little girls you see dressed in pink trick-or-treating, and we’re not judging, but their parents might be. 

Despite this, you are alright with blending in with the other Barbies and Kens and don’t mind being called “basic”, even if that’s exactly what you are. 

You’ve never hesitated to admit that pink is your favorite color, and you’re excited that others are finally embracing it. You find a way to wear pink every day anyway, so your costume won’t exactly be out of your comfort zone, but you’re still jumping at the chance to go all out with the frills. It’s a common misconception that you’re searching for your Ken: you’re actually perfectly happy to just be Barbie. Ken on the other hand is just happy to be included.

If you are dressing as Barbie as a part of a couples’ costume, it says a few things about your relationship: you probably call your partner “pookie”, sing to each other over the phone and only peck each other on the cheek. 

If you plan on being Taylor Swift, you could possibly be (are) the most annoying person in the world. You’ve been a Swiftie since 2014, and you’re only a little annoyed by all the new (fake) fans in the past few years. This is your third time being her for Halloween, but at least now you’re on top of the trend. 

If you didn’t go to the Eras tour, you definitely cried about it for at least a week. You will defend Taylor with your life, but you listen to Kanye in secret. It’s ok, we won’t tell.  You’ve absolutely used the phrase “She is the music industry” at least once, and we can’t argue with that. The glitter in every crevice of your room makes you feel at home. 

If you are a strong believer in Halloween being dark and scary, but you still want to be fun and on-trend like your friends, Wednesday Addams might just be the costume for you. The version from the recent “Wednesday” show in particular is the perfect cross between the two. 

Fashion-wise, you tend to gravitate towards neutrals and darker tones, specifically black; however, you’re also fun and surprising when you want to be. You’re a little more alt than the Barbie girl, but you have more similarities than either of you would expect. 

If the Jenna Ortega version is your costume, you try to be tough and punk, but the most metallic music you listen to is Maneskin and Rage Against the Machine. The intense black eyeliner you wear is barely masking the Barbie-like personality you contain within. 

People who dress as older versions of Wednesday Addams are actually terrifying though. You probably will not be able to tell if their ‘fit is a costume or their actual style. If you get it wrong while complimenting them, beware, you might get electrocuted.

Finally, the classic (and probably last-minute) Halloween costumes: ghosts, vampires and witches. 

If you are dressing as a ghost, you either are channeling your inner Phoebe Bridgers, or you merely have a sheet and marker to work with. While this costume is basic, it will definitely get you candy if you decide to trick or treat. 

It will also ruin a perfectly good bed linen, so make sure you ask whoever does the laundry in your household before you start cutting holes in fabric. Otherwise, the next load of your white clothing might have a red sock thrown in. 

If you’re a vampire, your costume is probably fake fangs from Walmart, a cape and some fake blood. Maybe you’re referencing a horror movie, or maybe you just couldn’t think of anything else. 

Nonetheless, anyone who has had a “Twilight” phase will enjoy this costume and probably get a few flashbacks to the Robert Pattinson posters that served as the wallpaper of their childhood bedroom. 

Lastly, if you plan on being a witch, you are paying homage to your childhood costume that you were forcibly wrestled into at the ripe age of three. This costume could either be cute and simple, or scary and creative. If you’re going for a cute look, you enjoy dressing up and feeling put together. If you’re going for scary and creative, try again.

Halloween is the day for dressing up a little more over-the-top than usual. If you plan on going all out, you don’t mind being the center of attention, even if you end up scaring the neighborhood kids who are trick-or-treating. You love experimenting with your hair and makeup, and you’re more of a Cady than a Regina. 

Whatever you end up dressing as, we’re sure you’ll slay. You do you! Boo!

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