Fall Sports Scoreboard


infographic by Risha Sinha

photos by Evan Ng & Tate Slater

Girl’s Volleyball Q&A w. captain Sasha Vorobyov #19

Q: The girls volleyball team has been arguably the best team at South this year. What have been the keys to your success?

A: One of the keys to our success is our team meshes really well. [The varsity team] is all very close friends, but we’re also really close with the JV and freshman teams. Having that support system is really important for us to be able to keep a clear head during games and not get mad at each other.

Q: How have you guys grown and improved as a team throughout the season?

A: We didn’t start off the strongest we can play. It’s just healthy as a team to see each other progress. We’ve definitely been getting better during the season. We haven’t really had a static season, which sometimes can happen. This year, I can tell that the tea environment and the skill level have been getting better.

Boy’s Soccer Q&A w. captain Kai van Beever #9

Q: What is the team atmosphere like and how has it impacted your season?

A: It’s been pretty great. We all love each other. This year, everyone sort of loves each other in the same way. And so I think everyone really puts it all to this into this team. It definitely suits the tone. I feel like it’s tone is brotherhood.

Q: What do you think of the soccer team compared to other years?

A: I think we’re really good. All individual players are really, really good. We have a really good defense, a really good midfield and a really good offense. We’ve lost two games, but I think once we put the pieces together. We’ll be unstoppable. We’ll just see how far we go.

Q: This is a second year in a row that the soccer team has been a top team at south. How have you guys maintained this level of success?

A: What set the precedent was last year. Last year set what South should be as a soccer team. So a lot of our drive is that we reached that goal last year. We made it to top eight in states [last year]. We want to go higher. The program has a new tone to the years past.

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