Newton Centre slice review: A pizza my mind


By Jenna Kriensky, Opinions Writer

Photos by Bella Ishanyan

Bill’s Pizzeria — 3/5

Bill’s, which has gained a reputation as the iconic pizza party spot at the end of the soccer season, has its own take on the Italian classic. Offering both red and white pizzas on many crust options, including gluten-free, Bill’s impressive 18-inch pies clocked in at $17.99. 

In agreement with its industrial-sized slices, the pizza was quite heavy — not the best meal if you’re hoping to engage in any movement afterward. The crust was a highlight with a breadstick-esque crunch; however, the pizza lacked my preferred abundance of tomato sauce and instead was quite oily. Over the inadequate sauce quantity, the cheese was tough, ripping instead of providing a satisfying stretch.

Jinny’s Pizzeria — 2.5/5

Jinny’s serves their pizzas fired in a Valoriani oven at 700 degrees. This pizzeria offers only small 12-inch pies, and a Margherita costs $16 (which, when sized up to an 18-inch large, costs about $36 according to Roar calculations).

They offer 14 pizzas and 18 topping options on their website, as well as a custom vegan crust. Vegan cheese, however, is currently unavailable.

The slices, while petite, exploded in flavor. The cheese was incredibly rich and filling, and the crust was soft and puffy while still providing a crunchy snap with each bite. The tomato sauce was a tad salty, though, and the thicker crust piled with red sauce and fatty cheese was a bit too heavy for my tastes.

Town Pizza — 3/5

Town Pizza dishes out an incredible selection with its six regular pizzas, 10 gourmet varieties and up to three topping options. At $14.99 for an enormous 19-inch cheese, this joint offers an amazing bargain — perfect for a fun outing with friends.

Each slice possessed the perfect degree of greasy cheesiness, which was quite the guilty indulgence. At the base was the classic New York-style thin crust. The sauce was a delightful middle ground between chunky and creamy, and the crust had a satisfying crunch while still being flexible. Even at an approachable price, the flavor marriage of the crust, sauce and cheese exceeded my expectations.

Sweet Tomatoes — 4.5/5

Sweet Tomatoes truly is sweet, with a caring owner who treats customers like close friends. A large 18-inch pizza cost $19.95. Their website boasts a whopping 17 specialty pizzas, and they offer vegan cheese at all locations and two types of gluten-free crust.

The pizza itself is tantalizing, with chunky tomato sauce and a thin, crispy crust. While the structural integrity of each slice is slightly wobbly (you should plan to have a few napkins at your disposal), everything piled on top is a utopia for the tastebuds. The warm cheese stretches into thread-thin strings, and the flavors of each individual ingredient work together in wondrous harmony.

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