Spotlight: Student Sports Photographers


By Sam McFarland and Julia Lee

Photo by Elias Kiritsy

Whether it be packing the stadium on a Friday night or filling the bleachers in the field house, students show their school spirit by bringing enthusiasm to every game. 

Although many sports events were paused during the COVID-19 pandemic,  games are now gaining the attention they used to. Evidenced by the recent uptick of sports images in Instagram feeds, there has been a noticeable and seemingly inexplicable increase in student sports photography post-pandemic. 

Senior Eleanor Bacon said that the main reason she takes photos of sports is because she is an athlete herself and has an appreciation for games in general. 

“I just love watching sports in general,” she said. “I’m a swimmer myself, and I like going to all of the games and supporting the school.”

Sports photography is a great vessel for students looking to get involved in the sports media world; taking pictures of a sport that you love can help you see the game through a whole new lens. 

But what would students interested in sports photography need to do to get in on the action? It might be less than you think. Next game, get by the field with whatever equipment you have and experiment! 

South also offers a variety of photography classes that can hone your skills, and even the New Media classes can give you some exposure to the world of film.

Aspiring sports photographers don’t have to look far.

Eleanor Bacon

Caroline Li @._carolineli._

Elias Kiritsy @ekmedia._

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