A Day in the Life: Robby Zhang


By Julia Lee

Photo by Justin Levy


8:40 am

wake up

9:00 am


2:35 pm (LION Block)

chess club: Robby is the president of chess club, where they play tournaments and teach new players the game.

3:45 pm

track!: The team starts by going on a run, then does core and stretches. Robby’s favorite route is running to Chestnut Hill Reservoir and back to school.

6:00 pm


6:30 pm

Ligerbots: This year, Robby is the president of content and works on robot reveal videos. He also has a youtube! @thebigrobbyzhang

9:00 pm

debate zooms: If it’s tournament season, he will do some prep calls!

10:00 pm

homework 🙁

12:00 am

sleep! (on a good night)

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