A Farewell Letter to Volume 39

by Senior Staff

As Volume 39 wraps up our time on this glorious paper, the time has come to appreciate the staff members that made Roar the great paper it is today. We love each and every one of you and hope to stay in touch in the years to come!


Grace: We know to look for you in the Strand, or Boston’s version, at least. We love living vicariously through our resident city girl and we’ll Forever & Always be rooting for you.

Jaesuh: Most loyal Wegmans employee and Roar’s spirit. You truly embody Mr. Wegman’s mission statement, “Never think about yourself; always help others.”

Lily: The true MVP. A natural leader — without you, no news would be broken. Your cheerios in Lang always make our mornings.

Julia: “Heyyyy Julia!” It’s always a joy to run into you in the hallways, and your amazing clarinet playing lights up wind ensemble rehearsals.


Annika: Thank you for “Rolling in the Deep” with us through it all — from that last minute design debacle to helping us perfect our yearbook page, you’ve stayed steady with us even on one leg! 

Risha: Your rants about John Mulaney and middle school relationships on two hours of sleep never cease to make the whole staff produce a hearty chuckle. We will be cheering in the front row of all your future stand-up comedy shows.

Ahona: Queen of the ‘Dale, your Dreamfar feats and unrelenting optimism inspire us all. Neither ops nor fold would’ve been the same without your thoughtfulness. Four cheers to four great years!

Melinda: Sharing looks of desperation with you gets us through every class. Your wholesome personality and amazing ‘fits bring a ray of sunshine to each advisory, Roar meeting, and hallway run-in.

Dana: Shrek would be proud of the #womaninSTEM you’ve become. We don’t know how your articles are always on track, but something might be in the crab rangoon.


Matan: Dear youth pastor, our eyes well with tears when you speak with such eloquence. Remember us when you’re sitting in the Oval Office one day.

Bella: From running away from tornadoes in Kansas to baking the most ~exquisite~ chocolate cake (Julian sends his compliments) to being a volleyball legend, you seem to have lived a hundred lives. We are excited for the 101st. 


Emma: Your knack for design shines through your fun page layouts, your colorful power suits and beautiful Instagram posts. We’ll always be cheering you on and can’t wait to see all that you do!

Molly: Representing the Roar on the track national stage, you put 100 percent into your articles and page layouts, which always pop off. Your consistency and hard work makes the features section sparkle.

Sanjana: The stage is calling! And wouldn’t run without our stage manager <3 Whether you’re on stage or doing real-life reporting for feats, you are a bona fide and creative journalist in every way.

Ella: You’re everything we could ask for in a journalist and leader. Your continuous hard work and commitment never fails to deliver a fascinating and entertaining article. 


John: Your calm demeanor could comfort a vicious chihuahua. The tennis courts are lucky to have you — as are we. 

Marisa: You might be the Roar’s personality hire, but we’d argue that your St. Louis expertise, Nordic ski athleticism, graphic design and photojournalism make you so much more. 

Clare: Master email-er. Your moments of joy bring US joy every Monday morning. Thank you for making the sports section what it is — never again the last page of the paper!

Zach: Record-setting salesman — you have a future in marketing. Thank you for always being quick on your feet to keep the paper moving. We’ll be cheering the loudest when you’re on ESPN!


Julie: The GOAT. Could come up with a jaw-dropping graphic in the span of two minutes. A constantly flowing waterfall of creativity, you help bring the paper to life. 

Emily: Infographic icon. Your amazing paper and Instagram graphics never fail to wow us.

Adrienne: Our baby and the future of the graphics section. Your smooth graphic style and digitals clean up any page.

Caitlin: We know you’re going to make it big in the big city. We so appreciate your input and enthusiasm in graphics meetings. Keep being the O.G. gamer girl.


Gianna: The photo section would not run without you. Whether it’s being the third wheel to a steamy fold photoshoot during summer break or amazing us with your creative shots, we love your down-to-earth vibe and creativity. 

Ines: Those top-tier cafeteria food photos would make editors of cookbooks fall over themselves drooling. Thanks for all of your energy in advisory — when C block tests are canceled, we know it’ll be a good day.

Maureen: Headshot photographer extraordinaire. Thank you for being the lifeguard of our paper — with and without your hoodie. You lighten up advisory. 


Ms. Chapman: You are the anchor of our paper. Thank you for keeping us on track and informed, and of course always being ready to edit pages, even minutes before the deadline. Every morning, you make our days a little brighter with your moments of joy, and your room 1201 has become sacred to all of us on Roar. You put up with 30 of us in St. Louis over four days, giving us all an experience we’ll remember for the rest of our lives. We’ll save a bowl of African Chicken and Peanut everytime we visit New England Soup Factory. Send Nick our love.