Cinematic Success Stories of 2022

by Danny Diamond & Noa Levy, Opinions writers
cover by IMDB

2022 was a prolific year for the film industry. The pandemic resulted in a two-year rough patch for theaters, but this year’s comeback proved that going to the movies is still a worthy experience, no matter how big or small the outing is.

Among all of the large superhero blockbusters, a number of movies managed to astonish audiences around the world with gorgeous cinematography and compelling storylines. Movies like “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” and “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” continued to highlight our culture’s hunger for superhero films, but by far the most enthralling and authentic superhero film of the year was DC’s “The Batman.” 

With its gripping, noir-esque detective story, “The Batman” is a film addictive in its own right. Coming off of projects like “The Lighthouse” and “Good Time,” Robert Pattinson proved to be a good choice for the titular protagonist.

Alongside Pattinson, the incredible score from Michael Giacchino hits contrasting hopeful and dark notes just right for the film’s tone. The film is an enthralling and original superhero film that definitely makes its way to the top of this year’s list.

Another 2022 movie worth mentioning is the propulsive “RRR” — a three-hour thrill of non-stop Bollywood entertainment. “RRR” is a wonderful combination of all the genres one could possibly need. The film follows two legends from distant worlds as they cross paths to fight British colonists during the mid 1920s. 

The historical setting could come across as slightly dull, but the history is just the tip of the iceberg, as the movie has a much wider scope than that. It also has catchy music and great choreography. It is impossible to peel your eyes away from the screen until its final moment. Indeed, it is a great installation to 2022’s film canon.

Yet it is “Everything Everywhere All at Once” that takes the crown for 2022’s best movie. The dramatic science fiction comedy film proves concise and poignant, with equal doses of horror, zany comedy and familial drama. 

Production company A24 manages to avoid the often illogical and pretentious tone of myriad multiversal movies, and the film assumes its place among the remarkable installations in the Spider-Man-dominated multiverse genre. Behind all of those features are exceptional performances from the ensemble cast.

Michelle Yeoh shines as Evelyn Wang, showcasing her incredible emotional rage, comedic timing and martial arts skills — a performance worthy of an Oscar. Ke Huy Quan as Waymond Wang, Evelyn’s husband, gives another empathetic performance, also award-worthy.

As said, 2022 was undeniably a great year for film. The year was the rebound we all dreamed of, in which we finally experienced the excitement and thrill of returning to watch a new film in theaters. While there are certainly great movies on streaming sites, theater experiences bring audiences together and with literally all-encompassing views, viewers experience the unforgettable.

If the many outstanding films released this year are any indication of the year ahead, movie-lovers can undoubtedly anticipate what’s coming in 2023. All we can hope for are more “The Batman”s, “RRR”s or “Everything Everywhere All at Once”’s — captivating films that are ultimately mind-blowing experiences.