Q & A with Amelia Everett

by Joey Giragos and Tate Slater, Sports Reporters
photo by Maureen Caulfield

What has been your favorite part about running at Newton South?

I would say the team. We spend a lot of time together and we get really close. And [Coach] Steve does a good job of fostering positive coaching and a positive team environment.

Have you ever played other sports?

 I played soccer for freshman, sophomore and junior year.

Is there any reason running stood out to you?

I liked it more than soccer. I was better at it. And I also liked the individual part of running of pushing yourself and seeing how far you can go, but also being able to participate on a relay. So it had both the individual and team aspect which I really liked.

What would you tell other athletes trying to play sports in college?

I would definitely say go for it. I think it’s a really fun opportunity. And I think a lot more people [can] do it than they think they can. Put yourself out there and reach out to coaches.

What in particular about Stanford stood out to you?

When I visited, I really, really liked the coaches. I liked their philosophy and how they approached training and being an athlete in college. I also really connected with the team. I thought I got along really well with them, and I think that’s important because we spend so much time together. So I would say definitely the people are what drew me to Stanford.

Where do you think your work ethic comes from? 

I’ve always kind of set goals for myself and worked towards them. My parents taught me it when I was really little …  I think it’s something I’ve always had.