Fall Sports Scoreboard

interviews by John Timko, Sports Editor
infographic by Emily Cheng

Q & A with girls volleyball captain Lily Gamburg

The #2 ranked team by The Boston Globe high school power rankings is headed to the playoffs.

Q: How has the team atmosphere influenced your performance?

A: Confidence is really important in volleyball, and you need to feel supported by your teammates, which we really worked hard on, and the winning obviously helps with confidence.

Q: The volleyball team has been doing very well this year. How have you all been able to succeed and play so well?

Compared to years past, we’ve really put an emphasis on team bonding and bringing each other up because in past years there has always been tension on the team, but it’s going really well this year. 

Q & A with boys soccer captain Kamar Burris-Khan

The team won the DCL Championship for the first time in program history.

Q: What is your team atmosphere and culture like?

A: We’re almost a massive friend group, which helps because the dynamic on the field complements the dynamic off the field, and I’d say we’ve created a cohesive and tight knit community.

Q: How has the team achieved such a high quality season?

We’ve had a very talented grade from middle school, and obviously the realm of conversation after that was what’s going to happen the next time we’re at the top. I think that anticipation build up definitely helps because we hold ourselves to a higher standard.