Work Horror Stories

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graphic by Julie Wang

Maggie Heberlein (Class of ’23)

I was scheduled to close the bakery one day but lost my voice. I wanted the money, and another guy was closing with me, so I still went to work from 4 to 7 p.m. without being able to talk louder than a whisper. At one point, he went into the back to do something, and a customer came to the register, so I had to go help her. 

She bought a bunch of stuff and wanted to pay with cash, so I would’ve needed to talk to her and tell her the total cost, but I couldn’t speak. After a minute, I saw my coworker coming back, and I ran to him, pushed him toward the register and ducked to hide behind a shelf.

Amelie Hirst (Class of ’25)

It was my first day working at Exxcel Gymnastics and Climbing’s camp, and it was snack time. One of the girls in my group had finished her snack and was getting bored, so she started to wander around and was told to sit down. Then, I turned my head to eat some of my own snacks, and she was sprinting around the back of the building. 

She proceeded to go through the back door, through the entire gym and back out the front door again until I had caught up to her. She stayed still for the rest of the snack time. Who would have thought someone could run incredibly fast with crocs in sports mode.

Susan Hong (Class of ’24)

In the final week of my internship, we needed to present a presentation to everyone on our team. It’s three days before our presentation day, and I receive a text from one of my teammates saying she’s in the emergency room because of an allergic reaction. Our mentor also messages all of us, saying that she hasn’t received our final presentation or script and that we haven’t met with her yet. 

We finally decided to meet with our mentor on Thursday, the day before our final presentation. Somehow, we scrambled together an incredibly ugly and basic presentation less than 24 hours before our mock presentation.

Mari Cheng (Class of ’23)

One time I was training a new employee at West Newton Cinema, and they spilled popcorn oil all over the floor. We quickly had to mop and dry the floors with paper towels. It was a complete mess. At the same time, some customers were trying to buy movie tickets, and they had to walk around the mess. 

The one good thing is that the person I trained learned a valuable lesson not to spill popcorn oil on the floor, and they were a very nice person. We laugh about this incident now. In the end, everything turned out okay, but I had to explain to my manager what had happened. My manager was not pleased.