Q & A with Maddy Genser

by Marisa MacDonald, Sports Editor
photos contributed by Maddy Genser

When did the recruitment process start?

It started at the very beginning of junior year, summer going into junior year… I went to a showcase for my coach Alison Foley. And there were a bunch of coaches there, and a few coaches reached out to me. 

I started talking to Dartmouth for a little bit and then that’s when the whole process started. I had a few tournaments away in places like Florida for my club team, and that’s when I started talking to more coaches as well.

What do these upcoming seasons look like?

I’m honestly just really excited. Some of the pressure is off because I know what school I’m going to, but the upcoming school year and seasons are still so exciting. I’m just going to enjoy my last seasons.

How was the process of being recruited different because you play two sports?

At first, I just wanted to play D1 soccer. I was talking to Miami. I was talking to a few other schools. And then I hurt my ankle, and then my whole life kind of switched around. I had a really good basketball season for South. I was just thinking to myself [that]I can’t quit this sport. 

Then I started looking at NESCACs (New England Small College Athletic Conference), and I was talking to Wesleyan and Middlebury as well. And then at this ID camp, Colby saw me and I just fell in love with Colby right away, and they took me right away. I just could not say no to them. And they offered me a spot.

How do you feel being the captain of both teams you committed for?

Being a captain of both teams, I know a lot of kids look up to me, and they see the actions that I do. It’s kind of a cool thing that the younger kids will look up to me now that I’m a senior who is going to school for the sports that I love.

How was the overall experience for you?

Even though it’s been stressful and there have been a lot of changes, I’ve just enjoyed every second of the journey. I’m glad that I finally accomplished my dream that I’ve had since I was a little kid.