“Save South Music”: The Return of Jazz Combo

by Jaesuh Lee, News Editor
photos by Cici Yu

After a campaign led by passionate students and families, the Jazz Combo class was returned to the South curriculum for the 2022-23 school year after initially being cut. News editor Jaesuh Lee spoke to students who fought for the program.

[Combo] allows everyone to get experience here at South and to build a community where people can learn and grow and get ready for their professional careers in music.

Jude Seiner, class of ’23

The brass section of the Jazz Combo plays during South’s Boston Pops concert
Jude Seiner and Ben Pistiner play bass and drums in the Jazz Combo

It was a combination of writing letters to them and talking with them and the actual protests where we performed music outside City Hall and the school.

Jared Wang, class of ’24

Jazz Combo members play during a City Hall Demonstration
Students and families gather outside of City Hall to protest Combo’s removal
The Jazz Combo performs “Now’s the Time” at South’s May 26 Boston Pops concert

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