May in Review


By Julia Lee, News Editor

graphics by Emily Cheng

Junior Semi-Formal Dance

On May 14, the class of 2023 held its semi-formal at the Needham Sheraton Hotel. The dance was the juniors’ first grade-wide event after two years of COVID-19 cancellations. This yearly tradition was planned almost entirely by the 2023 class officers. While the group excelled in their organization of the event, they suffered from a lack of funding. To raise money, the class officers sold tickets and designed merch.

“Getting something like this off the ground is not an easy logistical effort and so everyone putting their minds together and figuring this out was really amazing” ” – Andrew Hsu, class of ’23 president

“My favorite memory from semi was going in and seeing my friends and classmates dressed up and having a good time.” – Alyssa Chen (junior)

Conlon Court Case Closed

On May 17, Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan closed the investigation to a Jan. 5, 2021 incident in which Michael Conlon entered the Indulge! candy store carrying a knife. Conlon was shot by two Newton Police officers after fleeing to the third residential floor and later died at Newton-Wellesley Hospital. Over a year later, Ryan decided that the two officers would not be prosecuted, saying that they had acted out of self-defense.  

“The court does not find that the actions of any of the Newton officers or supervisory responsibilities make them criminally responsible for the tragic death of Conlon.” – Jeanmarie Carroll, judge presiding over the case

“The dedicated members of Newton’s Police Department continuously work toward achieving our goal of supporting a community where every person feels safe.” – Ruthanne Fuller, mayor of Newton

Brookline Teachers Strike

On May 16, hundreds of Brookline teachers and staff stood outside of their school buildings to demand higher wages, more classroom preparation time and a more diverse staff. After schools were closed for just one day, the strike concluded as the union agreed to a compromise on a new contract covering a 6-8% pay raise from 2020-2026, at least 40 minutes of classroom preparation time each school day and a working group on underrepresented staff.

“I think we’re all united to get something done and to make a point. This isn’t what anybody wants to do, and they’re doing it. So that tells you how important it is.” – Eric Schiff, Brookline High School guidance counselor, via WBUR

“We have been talking for four years, but they’re not listening. We have told them over and over what the problems are.” – Bob Miller, Brookline Educators Union member, via WCVB

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