South Speaks: Tom Brady’s Unretirement

by Marisa MacDonald, Sports Editor

“I don’t know if retirement was fully his decision. I think he was mainly retiring based on what other people wanted him to do, so he probably wasn’t finished.”

Teddy Ginsburg, class of ’23

“I  have this theory that his mom was a pirate, and he’s supporting her and pirates by being on the pirate team.”

Niamh Rourke, class of ’23

“I  think he might have just lied to himself, thinking he was ready, then discovered, ‘You know what? I’m not ready to step away.’ Which is fine, except that his fans are all devastated now.”

Lillian Robinson, history teacher

“None of this is based  in  fact, but I think it was a publicity stunt. He just wanted the attention from the retiring, and he wants even more attention from the un-retiring and he wants a bigger contract because he’s like, I’m un-retiring!”

Gabe Lieberman, class of ’24