College Commits: Luka Marceau

by Tate Slater, Sports Reporter
photo contributed by Luka Marceau
Tate Slater: Have you always loved soccer?

Luka Marceau: I really have. I know a lot of people always say they developed their love towards the end of elementary school, but I basically grew up with a ball at my feet — there are baby pictures of me with a ball at my feet. So I really have always loved it. 

TS: You must have worked hard to get this far. Where do you think this work ethic and
dedication come from?

LM: Well, the pathway for soccer isn’t necessarily the easiest. There’s a lot of ups and downs in terms of what team you make and knowing if you get cut or not, and so I think once I realized that the work wouldn’t be done for me and nothing was handed to me, I realized that I had to start going and ramp up my work ethic if I actually wanted to make it anywhere. 

TS: Is there anything in particular you love about soccer?

LM: I like that it’s an outlet. If I’m stressed about other things, I know that soccer is always there. A lot of people can turn away from you, but I know that soccer will always be there for me, so it’s a really great outlet. 

TS: How did you make the decision on UMass Lowell?

LM: The main factor for me was that my club coach’s wife is one of the coaches at the school, and I’m very close with her.  And there were two other coaches there and all of them were just very excited about me; they were as excited as I was about them. And it just felt really great to be that loved and it’s great to know you’re loved and wanted going into it. Because that’s where you’re spending the next four years of your life and you want to make sure it’s the most enjoyable.