Ways to Cope with your Chronic Loneliness

by Dana Berdichevsky, Melinda Yung, Opinions Editors
graphics by Caitlyn Ang

If your Valentine’s Day was magnificent, good for you! If you’re still licking your wounds (or discounted CVS candy), like us, here are some recommendations for single people, by single people, to unwind and treat yourself in the aftermath of this wonderful holiday our idea of a successful Valentine’s Day. 

Cry! It’s okay. We’ve all been there.

Get some tissue boxes, lock your door, turn on some loud music, and now, you’re finally all set to cry your eyes out (definitely not speaking from experience).

Watch some movies!

Go and get some popcorn and relax. Pretend you’re part of that rom-com you’re watching, and when you realize you’re not, no one can fault you for sobbing!

Run to the nearest Star Market to buy some chocolates!

Get yourself some delicious Godiva, Lindt or Ferrero because if you can get these, you can definitely get love. Definitely.

Have you heard of this latest invention?

Head to Five Below and invest in a water-filled bucket and a “grow your own boy/girlfriend” figurine. Now, you don’t have to roam the halls alone.