Dear Volume 38 Staff, Thank you

by Ellyssa Jeong, Siya Patel, Editor-in-chief, Managing Editor

As the time comes for us to say goodbye, we wanted to thank you, our amazing staff, for all of your hard work and dedication in creating this paper. We will forever carry with us our four years on Roar and all
of the great memories we have made with you guys. Each issue, you all never fail to impress us with your
passion and willingness, and we are so proud of each and every one of you.

Bella Ishanyan

We now know you haven’t started driving yet — a lesson learned in the hardest (and most embarrassing) way possible! (Sorry about that, again.) We know you’ll be amazing when you do start, but we can’t promise we’ll say “hi” in case one of us — cough cough Siya — is still chronically

Jaesuh Lee

Your abilities of lightening up any room that you walk into and becoming friends with
someone who is the complete opposite of you are impressive. You’re the best Roar recruiter we could ask for!

Sarah Wei

Intense vibes, but immaculate nonetheless. Just wait for the joys of senior hall-loitering! You’ll feel like you’re in photography class every day 🙂

Lily Zarr

You’re one of the most hardworking and focused people we have gotten to know. South Spots is in good hands!

Dana Berdichevsky

Thank you for getting us premium invites to the #SoylentDrinkingFanClub conversations. Slightly off-topic, but your curtain bangs look amazing?! Every day, all day?!?! Take us under your wings please!

Matan Josephy

Although you somehow have a knack for choosing the hardest pages to lay, it seems it’s well-balanced with your driven work ethic. We can’t tell you how many times your random remarks have made us laugh!

Melinda Yung

Even though you may be misidentified because of your keychain, we will never not support your art. Lead the way when we have a Roar bonding for arts and crafts!

Joyce Lee

Speedy queen! We apologize on behalf of all ailments caused by Senior Staff bumping your car. Thank you for letting us adopt Pluto! Your clay dog/cat/coyote is heard, loved and already slightly shattered. (It’s okay, I’ve got some E-6000 at home!)

Becca Stotsky

You might as well be a magician, because we’ve never seen anyone pull together
proofs as quickly as you do! Thank you for the positivity you bring to paste-ups! We (and Roar) are beyond lucky to have you, and although you just figured out the ropes of WORDLE, we believe in you!

Clare Tourtelotte

Your energy brightens any room. We apologize for holding up your 5 day early
proofs (your timeliness is impeccable) We admire both your optimism and motivation to always try something new whether it be zag zags, crazy fonts or random shapes! Stay creative!

Sanjana Deshpande

We appreciate your dedication, even if it means calling from backstage! You are so incredibly talented, whether it be on stage or in room 1201, laying a page.

Sarah Feinberg

You have such a kind-hearted soul, and we couldn’t be more grateful for your gusto! Your ability to respond in milliseconds well-past 3 a.m. never fails to amaze us! We will be back to visit your positivity and eagerness!

Emma Zhang

Look behind you! Just kidding. Did we get you? Thank you for making the most aesthetic
pages! We have so much to learn from your color palettes!

Ahona Dam

Thank you for your consistent hard work and grit despite last-minute detours! Thanks for being so thoughtful and easy to work with. We’re so grateful to have had you on Fold. You always manage to pull things together while giving your 100%!

Julian Phillips

Your commitment and flexibility is unparalleled. We will always be impressed with your dedication to biking miles and miles to Roar bonding and for your willingness to go with the flow. We truly can’t think of a better winner for “most paste-ups attended.”

Ms. Chapman

Thank you for making advisory the highlight of our week! You always give us the best book recommendations, tips for the perfectly curated Sweet Greens order and trashy TV, the only acceptable genre. You’re here for us no matter what, and Roar (and we!) genuinely couldn’t function without you!

Emily Schwartz

Our Easter egg has finally hatched! What a good year. Thank you for being our moral compass and making sure we don’t strangle each other when we’re all delirious at 3 a.m. Let’s be honest — you would be the one to survive an apocalypse out of the four of us. All while listening to Taylor Swift, of course. Iconic.

Eva Shimkus

TECH BOY! Thank you for introducing us to your bestie bassoon. We know we’ll be life-long friends with Oboe thanks to her constant — CONSTANT — appearance 🙂 Thank you for being the 10 a.m. wine-drinking mom of the group. Side note: your fits are amazing — we must go shopping altogether sometime!!

Ari Gordon

Thank you for realizing Roar’s long-time dream of hosting a podcast. And we love your jeans and necklaces — teach us your ways! Your fits are still appreciated despite your appearance on Fit Check Friday — I guess Roar can’t hoard your well-dressed talents. Totally not salty that Denebola thought of that first… No, not at all!

Aidan Lieberman

We love the energy you bring to the podcast and we admire your determination. No matter what section you work on, you always give your enthusiasm, top-notch creativity, and best effort. We will miss working with you!

Emily Cheng

Your line-drawings are jaw-droppingly beautiful. You never fail to design out-of-the-box graphics! Keep us updated on any Starbucks© drama (and feel free to hit us up with pumpkin frappachinos) any time of the year!

Dongyuan Fu

You are genuinely one of the sweetest people we have gotten to know! Thank you for your uplifting spirit and creativity at the seemingly endless graphics meetings — your presence makes them bearable 🙂

Julie Wang

From the smallest of details to the overall color scheme, you never fail to blow us away with
your graphics! Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication; we know we can always count on you!

Becky Dozortsev

In addition to always taking the extra step in getting the best shots — from fake-Zooming to laying on the wet grass — your photography skills are unmatched, and we’re so grateful we had you on staff this year.

Maureen Caulfield

Your easygoing personality makes taking a posed photos feel natural, and your sweatshirt sacrifice for the 38-2 front (and your iconic double Facebook accounts with sister kittens) won’t be forgotten!