College Commits

by Joyce Lee, Sports Editor
photos contributed by Elisabeth Nesta, Garrett Jacunski and Sylvie Spitz
Elisabeth Nesta: Denison University, Swimming

“[The Denison coach] gave me an offer in our conversation that we had when we were first meeting face-to-face. The next day I called, and I was like, ‘I want to go here, I want to go here, I want to go here!’ … Knowing that I’m going to love a school and also being able to continue my athletic career and continue to strive towards my goals, academically and athletically, has been really exciting for me.”

Garrett Jacunski: Denison University, Track and Field

“Once I applied early decision, I knew I was in, and that was a big stress reliever. That aspect of running and being on the team was definitely a big help for me when it came to the application process. … Some advice would probably be not to really overthink it. At least for track athletes, as long as you run the times you want and get the goals you want, you’re going to be fine.”

Sylvie Spitz: Harvard University, Rowing

“One thing that really helped me that I couldn’t have gotten recruited without was making connections with coaches. … It kind of had a domino effect. One coach is friends with another coach, and they all talk. … In the future, when I really want something, I’ll just be consistent about it, even when it gets hard. … If I hadn’t done that, a lot of stuff would have fallen through.”