Campus Chatter

by Aidan Lieberman, Ari Gordon, Media managers

The Lion’s Roar Pawdcast asked, “What was your weirdest dream?”

Julia Nasisi, class of ’22

“I dreamed that I was Woody from “Toy Story,” and I had to go into the “Wizard of Oz.” I walked through a hallway and opened a trap door. When I went through the trap door, the alligator from “Toy Story” electrocuted me, and I went to jail.”

Emily Savage, class of ’23

“I watched the show “Squid Game,” and I had a dream that I was in a huge warehouse with other teenagers. It was scary because the masked people from the show had guns. When each of us went down the stairs, we got shot.”

Stefan Lachenmann, class of ’23

“The weirdest dream I’ve ever had is when I was in my house and I thought I woke up. I was looking around my house and then I randomly saw a guy staring at me. I was really concerned and scared. The guy proceeded to lunge at me.”

Andrew Hill, class of ’24

“One time I had a tracker spider living inside of me, and it was really scary. Then, I found out that a creepy man was the owner of the tracker spider. He placed the spider in me so that he could get information for his lab.”

Danny Aldehneh, class of ’24

“It was a sleep paralysis dream. It was of Demi Lovato constantly hitting me in the face. Every time they hit me, they would sing. I think this dream happened because I watched a video of them beforehand.”

Ajani McConnico, class of ’25

“I was swimming in a pool, and it collapsed. It turned into a fluorescent white room. I was strapped in a chair, and I couldn’t breathe. Then, the chair turned into the pool again, and I frantically tried getting out of the pool.”