Campus Chatter

by Aden Tom, Opinions Writer

The Lion’s Roar asked, “What is your favorite food combination and why?”

Frank Liu, class of ’22

photo by Matan Josephy

“My favorite combo is definitely bagels and cream cheese. Cream cheese adds flavor and moisture, and the bagels add texture. I especially like cinnamon and raisin bagels.”

Clare Hooper, class of ’23

photo by Aden Tom

“My favorite food combo is grapes and cheddar cheese because it tastes good. I like to have it as an after-school snack because it has cheese, and cheese is healthy.”

Abby Shin, class of ’24

photo contributed by Abby Shin

“Cereal and air because I am lactose intolerant and hate milk. I particularly like Kix because Kix is parent-approved and kid-tested, which means it is #certified.”

Aran Chakraborty, class of ’25

photo by Aden Tom

“I like chocolate and strawberries as a dessert because they just go together. Both are sweet. Different kinds of sweet. Chocolate is sugary, and strawberries are natural.”