Campus Chatter

by Melinda Yung, Opinions Editor

The Lion’s Roar asked, “What was your favorite 2021 summer memory?”

Kate Butts, class of ’22

photo contributed by Kate Butts

“I woke my friends up at 4 a.m., and we went to the beach. We went swimming and watched the sunrise. The beach was so peaceful. Everyone was annoyed with me for the rest of the day because we woke up so early, but it was worth it.”

Simran Khatri, class of ’23

photo contributed by Simran Khatri

“I went to Newton Center with my best friends at night, and we went to Crystal Lake and just talked and listened to the train while it was raining. I danced in the rain with one of my friends, and we just sang songs at the top of our lungs.”

Kira Yoshida, class of ’24

photo by Kira Yoshida

“As a CIT, I loved playing board games such as Candyland and Guess Who with the campers and teaching them how to make gimp. Camp was cancelled last year because of COVID-19, so I’m glad it was able to happen this year.”

Adam Sheena, class of ’25

photo contributed by Adam Sheena

“I went to Iceland, and my favorite part was when we went to Skogafoss Waterfall. It was so beautiful because you could see the glaciers in the distance that fed the waterfall. My family and I got soaked by the mist, but it was refreshing on a hot day!”