South Spots

by Bella Ishanyan, News Editor

Speech and Debate 

The Speech team placed fourth and the Debate team placed second overall in the Massachusetts Speech and Debate League state tournament that took place April 10-11. Varsity and Junior Varsity debate teams went on to compete in the Tournament of Champions and the National Catholic Forensic League, where they made it to semifinals for both. Following their recent successes, Varsity and Junior Varsity speech and debate teams will participate in the National Speech and Debate Association tournament this June 13-18.

State-of-the-art snacking

Students may have noticed new additions to the vending machines located in the cafeteria and near the field house. Snacks and drinks such as Doritos, Nature Valley bars, Polar seltzers and Snapple beverages are available for purchase starting at prices of $1.25.

COVID vaccines for students

On May 10, the Food and Drug Administration approved the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for adolescents ages 12 and older, and on May 12, they became eligible to receive it. As of June 10, over 400 colleges and large university systems across the country will require students to receive the vaccine to return in the fall, and it is expected that many others will do the same. So far, the Newton Public Schools has not required students to receive the vaccine for the upcoming school year.

And all that jazz …

40+ South Stage members started preparing for their in-person show, Chicago, a week after April break. At first, rehearsals were held over Zoom, but the cast transitioned to an in-person format as time went on. Tickets for their four shows, held between May 20-22, sold out within a day due to its increasing popularity.