1 in 2000: Jocelyn Wong, “pursuing her passion”

by Mia Dror & Sarah Feinberg, Features Reporter, Features Editor
photo illustration by Julie Wang

During a time of isolation that resulted in few opportunities, senior Jocelyn Wong has enriched her learning through South’s WISE Individualized Senior Experience (WISE) project. As WISE provides a space for students to create and find unique intern- ships of their interests, Wong has been able to pursue her passion in accounting through her own project.

Wong said she has learned about the general structure of how to run a business and budget, as well as putting information into the general ledgers. She said she is grate- ful to have had this opportunity to learn about a subject she otherwise might not have a chance to be exposed to in a typical classroom setting.

“If I didn’t do [an accounting intern- ship], I wouldn’t know what to expect and then I would just jump straight into college and go into the world without really knowing what is happening,” she said. “Now I feel more prepared for it and know what to expect.”

Senior Michelle Yu, a friend of Wong’s since middle school, said that Wong has had a strong commitment to her passions.

“She is really interested in the intern- ship that she chose, and she dedicated herself to it,” Yu said.

Wong’s commitment, as seen in her devotion and positive attitude towards her WISE project, are present in everything she does, Yu said.

“She is outgoing and cheerful,” she said. “That’s one of her greatest character traits; she’s really passionate.”

Whether she is learning about how to run large companies or small businesses, Wong said her growing exposure to account- ing has demonstrated that people can achieve their own dreams in creating businesses. She said she hopes to apply the knowledge she gained in her WISE internship to running her own business someday.

“Accounting is the language of the busi- ness world,” she said. “It would be so cool if I could have my own company, and maybe it will help me to do everything I want to do.”

Part of Wong’s aspiration comes from her mother, who is an accountant and is help- ing Wong learn more about business. Wong said she appreciates her family’s support in the process.

“My mom was definitely excited to help me start this project,” she said. “I’m grateful for her support. She’s been a great teacher, and we’ve definitely bonded more over this. It’s been such a great chance to not only learn but spend time with my family.”

In addition to strengthening the bond between her and her family, the WISE project has inspired feelings of assurance and hope for the future, Wong said.

“By doing this project, I’ve learned a lot about accounting and I’ve gotten a lot stronger in this knowledge,” she said. “I feel more sure that I’m going to end up becom- ing an accountant … I want to major in accounting [and] becoming an accountant is definitely my dream in life.”