College Commits

by Joyce Lee, Sports Editor
photos contributed by Anat Katz, Zach Greenberg and Toma Kobozeva
Anat Katz: Tufts University Fencing

“Being able to fence in college, that’s always been my dream … I always wanted to fence at a good college, and I was just happy that everything I worked for, academically too, just added up. To any high school athletes that want to be recruited to college, you guys can do it, and start the process early.”

Zach Greenberg: Colgate University Diving

“You want to make connections with these coaches because a big part of it is, ‘do you stand out in your sport?’ and, ‘are you good enough to compete at the collegiate level?’ Also, they are looking for all-around really good people, so you have to have [strong] academics. You have to have the leadership and maturity to be on these teams.”

Toma Kobozeva: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Fencing

“When I reached out to the coaches and they were receptive about wanting me on the team, it was really surreal because it’s a huge school, and people know it for sports … having that kind of confidence in knowing where you’re going to go is something that I feel really lucky for.”