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photo by Ellyssa Jeong
Vigil attendees pay respect to the victims of the March 16 Atlanta shooting.
photo by Becky Dozortsev
Attendees at the March 21 vigil outside City Hall.
photo by Ellyssa Jeong
Vigil attendees lay down flowers to commemorate the victims of the shooting.
photo by Maureen Caulfield
Mayor Fuller speaks at the City Hall vigil.

“Here in Newton, an act of racism toward one is an act of hate toward us all.”

Ruthanne Fuller, mayor of Newton

photo by Maureen Caulfield
Anping Shen speaks at the City Hall vigil.

“By speaking up and speaking out, I’m giving a second generation of students [a] model.”

Anping Shen, school committee member

photo courtesy of @southhrc
From left to right: Cat Lu, Stephanie Tian, Laurel Chang and Kaity Shaugnessy, speakers and organizers of the March 22 South vigil.

“It’s easy to think that the problem is beyond Newton. But any kind of racism, even if it is less overt, still exists in every community.”

Cat Lu, class of ’22

“Newton is home to so many Asian-Americans. So let’s try to make it feel like one.”

Rebecca Yao, Newton North class of ’22