South Spots

by Eva Zacharakis, News Editor


Distribution of Chromebooks to freshmen will be delayed until March due to a supply shortage and high demand of Chromebooks across the country. MacBook Airs are available for those who need them while the administration waits for Chromebooks to arrive. Surveys were sent out to families to gauge the number of students that need computers for hybrid learning.

Sarah DeMello

Sarah DeMello took over for guidance counselor Kat Refuse in Cutler and Goodwin houses on Jan. 15, Director of Guidance and Counseling Dan Rubin said in a Jan. 14 email to staff. DeMello came to South from Whitman Hanson High School in Hanson, Massachusetts, where she was a long-time substitute teacher.


South Stage put on a co-conspirator variety show, “Breathe” on Feb. 5. Breathe contains student-written pieces on current events including the pandemic and the attack on the Capitol, as well as personal struggles with mental health and social injustice. Directed by Dr. Jasmine Lellock, “Breathe” was performed via livestream, after a series of hybrid rehearsals. All proceeds benefited Bridge Over Troubled Waters, a nonprofit supporting homeless teens.

photo contributed by Elianna Kruskal

BLM in Schools Week

English teacher Joana Chacon organized a series of webinars with educational leaders involved in the Black Lives Matter in Schools Week. On Feb. 3, each morning block featured one or two speakers, discussing everything from anti-racist curriculum changes to Black history, a question-and-answer session and music celebrating radical Black Joy.