College Commits

by Emily Schwartz, Sports Editor

Will Lavey

photo contributed by Will Lavey

Having been accepted Early Decision, senior Will Lavey has committed to the track and field team for Middlebury College next year. 

“Don’t count out any options. You never really know; obviously you’re going to shoot for the stars and see what happens from there, but I would try to try out every school, and even if you don’t really want to talk to this coach that calls, you can use it as practice for the next coach and build up your skills,” he said.

Madalin Small

photo contributed by Madalin Small

Madalin Small, a senior and new college commit, will be playing golf for Butler University next year. 

“It was pretty amazing because I’ve been working toward it for about 10 years, so to finally get there was a really good feeling,” she said.

Kaity Shaughnessy

photo by Kaity Shaughnessy

Senior Kaity Shaughnessy signed to run track at Johns Hopkins University next year. 

The point that made it worth it to me was when I saw that I had gotten into my top school. That was the moment I was like, ‘Okay, now I know why I gave all that up in high school,'” she said.

Hagen Zhang

photo contributed by Hagen Zhang

Senior Hagen Zhang will be joining UNC Chapel Hill’s fencing team next year.

“If you want to play for a certain school, you really have to be persistent about it. You have to show the coaches that you not only are good at what you do, but you will be a good teammate, you’ll work hard, you’ll … fulfill your role,” he said.