South Spots

by Eva Zacharakis & Preethika Vemula, News Editors

City Seal Redesign 

Mayor Ruthanne Fuller established an Ad Hoc City Seal Working group on Aug. 7 to redesign Newton’s city seal and flag, which currently depicts Waban, the first Native American to convert to Christianity in Massachusetts, and missionary John Elliot. Led by Lisa Dady, director of Historic Newton, the group will receive input from Newton residents on the seal’s design, analyze the seal’s relevance in the 21st century and decide whether to change the seal’s design. The City Council will vote on the proposed changes next year.

The Show Must Go On

Sense and Sensibility, South Stage’s fall play, premiered on Oct. 30. The play, based on the Jane Austen novel, was directed by fine and performing arts teacher Paige Perkinson. Instead of a live performance, scenes were filmed individually in the South courtyard and edited into a video production which was livestreamed over YouTube.

Field Light Fiasco

Fifteen years and countless Roar articles later, permanent field lights were installed at Winkler Stadium, just in time for a fall sports season without football or spectators. True to form, the field lights weren’t ready to be turned on at the time of their installment, as an electrical error prevented them from working. For hopefully the final year ever, games were played “under portable lighting towers,” graphic by Kaila Hanna rather than “under the lights.”