Biden-Harris projected to win in historic election

by Julian Phillips, Freelance Editor

“The Trump administration was neglecting a large number of major issues. I think the Biden administration will address them in a more civilized and adequate way,” sophomore Daniel Ben-Levi said.

“The president is nothing more than an elected government official. Even if I may be somehow disappointed by the outcome, it’s to uphold democracy. … We have to respect that and honor that decision,” sophomore Hanna Liauchonak said.

“We’ve never had someone denying the results of an election. He’s gotten all of his supporters to believe that this election has been rigged. It’s just him displaying his immaturity,” junior Michael Farquharson said.

“It’s important to not view politicians as heroes who are going to transform American society. … Biden and Harris [aren’t] going to solve those problems all together, but I’m hoping that this is a step in the right direction,” history teacher Robert Parlin said.