Tanning: a reckoning of fleeting youth

By Bella Ishanyan Graphic by Adrienne Lirio I am writing this on the beach: belly down, hat on and earbuds in, the brilliant drumming of Mick Fleetwood harmonizing with the light crashing of the mediocre waves Ipswich has to offer. I’m 17, but this is only the third time I have been to the beach […]


A completely factual guide to high school

By Charlotte Klingaman Graphic by Denise Chan Why, hello there, freshman! You’re starting your very first morning as a student in this massive building. But don’t fret — we’re here now to give you a crash course on all things South. First off, every teacher with a vowel in their name is known to assign […]


Finding Friendship in Prickly People

By Aya Okaniwa Graphic by Clare Cho My willingness to socialize is contingent on how approachable I find the people in question. Are they as timid as I am? Do we enjoy the same things? Would we get along? I fear the awkwardness of first interactions, yet, at the same time, I crave the warmth […]


Asians Americans v. Affirmative Action

By Risha Sinha We’re all worried about getting into college, as proven by the numerous vapid and superfluous “passion” projects adopted by juniors and seniors in a last-ditch attempt to bolster their resumes. High-schoolers like these feel obligated to engage in such performative activities to secure their spot in their dream colleges, trying to win […]


The Common Application

The Roar follows four seniors with different interests as they navigate the college application process. Their identities will be revealed as they make their decisions.

Batter Hugs Pitcher: Welcome to Restorative Practices

The Restorative Corner column


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Get to know the new varsity and junior varsity soccer coaches

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How to enjoy a Red Sox game

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