Should books be censored?

Two students express their takes on the increase in editing literature.


Campus Chatter & Upgrades/Downgrades

The Roar asked…”How are you spending your spring break?”


Newton Centre slice review: A pizza my mind

Roar’s Review of the 4 main pizza places in Newton Centre


The Willow Project: A ticking ‘carbon bomb’

By Madeline Mechanic, Opinions Contributer Photo courtesy of CNN Politics Today, the United States faces one of its most severe environmental threats: the ticking ‘carbon bomb’ known as the Willow Project, the largest oil extraction project ever proposed on US land. Led by ConocoPhillips Company, the project will take place on Alaska’s North Slope in […]


In the Stick of It: An Expressive Medium

Four students share the colorful stories splashed across their laptops

I’m Glad I Met Gunard Hans

English teacher Alan Reinstein explores South’s core values: Choose Kindness, Listen First, Show Respect and Take Responsibility


Spotlight: Student Sports Photographers

Interest in sports photography rise within South’s student body

A Day in the Life: Robby Zhang

the speediest man alive.

Boston’s own: C’s and B’s keep winning

Boston’s finest: Celtics and Bruins bring home incredible successes during the 2022-23 season