Algorithms Undercover

What is algorithmic bias, and how does it affect us?

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“Teen Tinder”

Two experienced Yubo users give us an insight into their experience with the app, leaving us with the question: does the app succeed in bringing teens together?


Shadow and Bone Review

Opinions Editor Dana Berdichevsky reviews Netflix’s new hit TV show, Shadow and Bone.


Perspectives: Should South have access to student activity on school-issued Chromebooks?

Two writers share their opposing views regarding the issue of privacy


When the stars align

Science team on the recent partial solar eclipse

Producing Nomadland

The Roar spoke to “Nomadland” Producer David Greenbaum about his journey and success within the film industry


Spring Sports Review

The Roar spoke with four spring sports teams about the challenges and successes of their seasons so far

MIAA lifts mask mandates for outdoor sports

Changing safety guidelines for sports are a step towards normalcy; here’s what health policy expert and Brown University Professor Dr. Ashish Jha and South athletes and parents have to say about it

More female ownership evens the playing field

A highlight on female sports owners who act as leaders and role models in the male dominated sports industry

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