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Anony-mouse visitors: South’s Dirty Squeak-ret

Opinions writer Jacob Lewis dives into the issue of South’s mouse problem.

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How to Not Be Single

Whether you’re brand-new to relationships or have gotten around more than Pete Davidson, here is a complete guide to help you navigate this Valentine’s Day.


College Column

Each issue, the Roar releases a column on the college application process written by a current senior.


Has South Done Enough to Account for Student Stress and Mental Health?

Opinions writers present their differing opinions on South’s effort on student stress and mental health.


Are the Trans Kids Okay?

Trans high schoolers today face a set of unique issues that most people don’t know about. How can we better understand their experiences and support their growth? An examination by two trans authors.

Core Values: “If it’s not fun, why do it?”

English teacher Alan Reinstein explores South’s core values: Choose Kindness, Listen First, Show Respect and Take Responsibility


Lions Win 6-0 Against Tigers

On Feb. 18, the boys varsity hockey team played their last home game of the season against crosstown rivals, the Newton North Tigers. The Lions brought home a well-earned 6-0 victory.

Swim and Dive: A must-join community

As the swim and dive team grows, its team bonds have deepened as well

The Final Whistle

Girls varsity soccer coaches Doug McCarthy and Owen Pennant-Jones leave the program after 24 years.