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Cafeteria Cuisine: Bland or Tastefully Simple?

Our food critic judges South’s cafeteria food


The Blurred Lines of Performative Activism

Performative activism, while a convenient and easy way to show support, is just a mindless sharing of posts which overshadows the work of genuine advocacy


The Untold Truth of Personality Quizzes

Taking personality quizzes is harmless fun, but when people try to shape themselves into a specific persona an online test gives them or look for validation from other sources, problems occur


“The Lost City”: Two hours of wasted potential

Jacob Lewis reviews the latest Sandra Bullock movie


How to Apologize

English teacher Alan Reinstein guides South members on how to apologize

Professors’ Pastimes

Teachers share their interests beyond the walls of South


Spring Sports Standings

Records as of April 24

A Steep Slope

Failures in women’s sports coverage highlight the need for media reforms

College Commits: Luka Marceau

Sports Reporter Tate Slater spoke with junior Luka Marceau, who has verbally committed to play Division I soccer at the University of Massachusetts Lowell