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The Roar’s Spring Playlist

Spring encompasses many things, as does this playlist.

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A year of COVID-19

A reflection on the pandemic’s anniversary


WandaVision Review

Opinions Writer Annika Engelbrecht reviews the MCU’s new hit TV Show, WandaVision


Perspectives: Are teachers following South Senate’s new camera legislation?

Two opposing views, one question and no right answer


The Common Application

The Roar follows three remaining seniors as they navigate the college process and reveals their identities with their decisions

Vaccination Elation

Recent vaccine distributions reassure teachers and students about the return to in-person school


College Commits

Sports Editor Joyce Lee spoke to three athletes who have committed play sports in college

FALLing Twice

The Fall II season, which began Feb. 22 and ends April 25, was implemented to allow high COVID-19 risk sports that usually play in the fall or winter to play later in the year

Where Are They Now: Audrey Lavey, ’19

Audrey Lavey, now a sophomore at Wesleyan University, spoke to Roar about her experience playing college soccer