BLM Opinions

Movie Review: Soul

Opinions writer Annika Engelbrecht reviews new, popular movie, “Soul”


Perspectives: Which HyFlex model is best for you?

Two writers share their views on why the remote and hybrid models were right for them


Decrease the Voting Age, Increase the Electorate

One writer advocates for allowing 16-year-olds to vote in municipal elections


Pandemic Trends Are Here to Stay

Some aspects of pandemic life provide an important framework for living in the future


Beyond the Black Square

Last summer’s racial reckoning saw an influx of individuals, particularly young people, use social media to voice their opinions. But how much of this newfound activism is just for show?

1 in 2000: Amirah Pitts, “a Miniature Michelle Obama”

Freshman Amirah Pitts uses her voice to fight for justice


Pro sports leagues weigh profit and player safety

Thanks to reasonable financial safety nets for players who choose to opt out of playing due to safety concerns, it’s ultimately up to each individual to decide if they feel safe enough to play

Streaming Support

Sports teams transition to livestreaming games; far from in-person excitement but far better than nothing

Abby Matthews moves past three ACL tears

Senior Abby Matthews continues to serve as a role model to her teammates even after tearing her ACL three times